Corporate, Social and

Environmental Responsibility

As one of the UK largest providers of vocational learning the Leaping Man group is committed to promoting and maintaining world class standards of business integrity. The values Leaping Man promotes include those of corporate and social responsibility and we use these values to direct the way in which we operate with our clients, learners, funding partners, stakeholders and the wider community.

The pillars of social responsibility


Our People

Leaping Mans greatest asset is its people… they are regarded as the best in class and are highly regarded by our clients. Our people are experts in their field and have proven they can apply learning that makes a real and significant difference to the performance of learners and their working environment.

Leaping Man endeavours to provide its people with a working environment that is safe, that accepts diversity openly, where employees can maintain a positive work / life balance, are rewarded for exceptional results and are provided with significant opportunity for personal development and growth.

Our Community

Leaping Man actively encourages employees to be involved in the communities within which they work by supporting voluntary and fund raising activities and committing business time to employees to support these activities.

Our current chosen charity is Edward's Trust a local Birmingham charity and monies' are continually raised through sponsoring events, marathons and fun runs.


Our Environment

Leaping Man has dedicated itself to reduce its impact on the environment by:

  • Minimising waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.  In 2012 this includes the transfer of learner portfolios and the production of learner support packs in electronic format saving an estimated 450,000 sheets of A4 paper and over 3000 plastic ring-binders per year
  • Minimising the petrol miles of it employees through more effective route and project planning
  • Actively promoting recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers
  • Sourcing products and suppliers that minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution.
  • Meeting or exceeding environmental legislation

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